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Wesley Otieno aka WEX is 20 years is a visual artist at Art360 Kibera studio. He started drawing at a very young age and by the time he got to class 3 he had learned how to draw from observation and mostly he drew characters from his textbooks. He uses art to express moods, feelings, and emotions. His speciality is cubism Art, which helps him to show different feelings, emotions, moods, or even stories. Besides cubism, he also does other types of art like landscapes, and portraits using different mediums like charcoal, paints (acrylic, oil paints), pencils, pens, and pastels (soft, oil). His goal is to help upcoming artists and children to discover their talent and to perfect his skills so that he can come up with his own ideas. He is also growing and evolving as an artist and also helping others grow and express their creativity.

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