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Reuben Benedict, is a visual and performing artist, in visual art, he specializes in drawing and painting, and his biggest motivation has been day-to-day activities, he likes doing artworks that tell a story, an African story from either observation or memory using different media like oil paints, water paints, pastels, charcoal and acrylics which can be on either canvas, wood or any other material of choice. He also chose to perform arts, which include acting, photography, and cinematography since they’re an extension of visual art, they are both ways of telling stories. He felt that by the use of art skills, one can tell a colourful story by either acting, recording it, or capturing it. Art has opened his third eye and enabled him to see and perceive things differently, whereby everything he sees is worth telling a story about it. He is still a growing artist and looking forward to learning more about art.

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