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Omari Brighton also known as ARTWOLLY by his artistic name is a visual artist as well as a student pursuing Film and animation. He has been an artist for over 7 years now. Artwolly is passionate about creating art that allows people to express their emotions and feelings. He specializes in painting and drawing abstract and figurative subjects, using a variety of mediums including oil paints, acrylics, pastels, and graphite. He believes that art should be accessible to everyone and that it should be a reflection of our society and culture. His goal is to create artwork that speaks to people and evokes emotion. He strives to use color and texture to bring his paintings and drawings to life, and to express the beauty of the world around us. His work is inspired by nature and the ever-changing elements that make up our world. He also enjoys exploring the relationship between light and shadow, and how they can be used to create depth and perspective. His art is often a reflection of his feelings about the world around him. He loves to incorporate stories and symbolism into his work. He is constantly growing and evolving as an artist, and always looking for new ways to express his creativity.

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