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FRANCIS OMONDI is a visual artist better known as GRANDSON 32 years old. He discovered he could draw at a tender age where he used to make toys and dolls for other kids. During primary school, he had an opportunity to learn and express his artistic ability. During high school, his teachers discovered that he was creative and therefore through the help of one of his teachers who helped him found a skills club, where those who had an interest in art could meet and express their creativity. This club propelled his skills to a level that he started earning a living while still in high school. After completing high school, he started doing his own pieces of art shortly before he perused a course in Art, and Graphic Design but he was unable to complete his diploma at Buru Buru Institute of Fine Art due to financial constraints After 7 years, he met his high school friend whom they were within skills, she had a plan of opening a gallery in May 2019, she opened Art360 Kibera where He is an assistant chairperson. Right now, he works at Art360 Kibera as the Creative Director. His speciality is called Folk Abstract. He also teaches various disciplines within visual art such as montage, collage, mosaic, paper Marche, sculpture and murals… He is looking forward to being an international artist whose pieces are celebrated all over the world.

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