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Benard Mavyuva Maingi, popularly known as Nard, is a self-taught visual artist who started art at a very tender age. His love for art was greatly influenced by the people with whom he grew up amongst them. His father was a blacksmith who used to make piggy banks using iron sheets and as well as an artist who specialized in sign writing and branding shops. This had a great influence on him because he had a great space to experiment with things and the leftover material to come up with toys or any other piece of art Apart from Art Nard is a filmmaker photographer and creative writer. Nard uses many mediums of art as well as many types of art from realism, abstract, semi-realism, spray paint art, graffiti, and many more. His speciality is Impressionism using palate knives. This is because of his love for texture. To him, art revolves around everything and it is a way of expressing oneself and understanding life also it is the utmost interaction with the world around you. His dream is to become a world-class artist and teach more people the beauty of art.

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